Throughout this website, we will refer to Hotels, Restaurants, Community Centers, RV Parks, etc. as ‘media sources’.


About WHJ Media

We Communicate Information for a Variety of Media Sources, as well as Animated Advertising for the Surrounding Community

We are a Media Company. We produce motion-graphic video presentations that play in three areas of the Media Source: 1– on lobby monitors and TVs, 2– on Inn-RoomTM TVs, and 3– on the guest’s smartphones. The presentations can have music accompanyment, and consist of three elements: 1– pertinent information about the Media Sources services, 2– animated advertising from local dining, entertainment, services, attractions, etc., and 3– custom greetings and messages from the media source’s management.

Our Goal is to provide the Media Source and Sponsors the most effective message,
presented in a variety of formats to their patrons.

Targeted Advertising

Effective Sponsorship content needs to do three things — engage, inform, and persuade. In addition, it must reach the people who are interested in it. Traveling guests want to know about local area restaurants, shopping, services, and attractions. Our advertising can be located in strategic areas within the media source. That’s called targeted advertising.

The Power of Motion

Animated ads can tell a story better than static ads. They attract the eye of the audience, are more interesting, and engage the viewer’s attention for longer. Ads with motion allow viewers to retain more of the message than straight text, and they result in more engagement and sales. People are more attracted to motion graphics and are more likely to watch them on a mobile device.


Animated ads that target a captive audience is a smart advertising buy for local businesses. Having a custom presentation that communicates the media sources’ information and messages, shown on lobby monitors and TVs, Inn-RoomTM TVs, and guest’s smartphones, and could be free to the media source. Having 24-hour access to information about the media source and local businesses is great for you and your guest.

Lobby NetworkHospitality ChannelMobile Directory

— Animated Ads & Media Source Information Display on All Three Venues —

Our Process

How We Work With Media Sources & Sponsors

Our process is very simple and easy for our customers; we do all the work! We handle the sales, the technology, the sponsorships, the animation, the presentations, and the maintenance. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits!


Our sales staff will explain the particulars with the media source, discuss options, and create an agreement. Our creative team then works with you, the media source, to produce a presentation of your services, hours, specials, and any other information that you would like to convey.

The Sponsorships
& Production

We begin the process by working with area sponsors, creating custom animated ads for interested area restaurants, services, retail establishments, other businesses, and attractions. We gather pertinent ad information from the business and then create a custom ad for each. Finally, we then present the finished animated product to the sponsor for revision or approval.


Our creative team makes a looping presentation of all the sponsor’s ads, with music if desired. The media source presentation plays simultaneously. A custom scrolling banner message plays on the bottom of the screen, and messages to arriving guests can be customized by the media source at any time.


Animated presentations are installed on lobby monitors or TVs and may be on Inn-RoomTM TVs. Guests can scan a QR code with their smartphone, loading the presentations onto their device, adding additional information about the media source and sponsors, such as directions, hours and special offers. This will allow your guest to leave the media source, taking this information with them to explore the area.

Now that you have an idea of what we do and who we do it for, please take a look below to see some of the work we have done.

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Check out some of our Animated Ads and Presentations below.
Just click on the square and a video player with controls will appear.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us


Combined Years of
Ownership Experience


Ads Placed
in Media Sources


Or More Customers
and Growing


Customer Views
Per 50 unit Property

We are a growing company with a bright future.
Check with us about Career Opportunities.

Network, Channel
& Directory

All Three Working For You

Our unique and innovative system of delivery includes a wall-mounted TV in the lobby area, and/or a desktop monitor at the front desk, Inn-RoomTM TV screens, and the guest’s own smartphone.


The Lobby Network Immediately Connects with your Guests

The Lobby Network is the first instance of contact with the hotel guest. As the guest approaches the front desk, they see the desktop monitor playing the three presentations: the pictures of the media source with accompanying hours and other information, the animated ads from local businesses, and the custom welcoming message from the media source. The presentations each play on a loop so the guest is able to access all of the information they need quickly. When the guest leaves the front desk they can view in larger format the same presentation on a 43” Lobby TV, both with QR scanning capabilities for Smartphone access.


The Hospitality Channel May Play on the Hotel Guest’s Inn-RoomTM TV

When the hotel guest reaches their room and turns on the TV set they can access the Hospitality Channel. This venue allows for people to leisurely and comfortably view the presentations from their own room in order to find out about hotel information such as check in and check out hours, pool hours, breakfast hours, and other valuable communication. The guest can also see the animated ads from area businesses. They can plan a meal, plan an activity like shopping, or check out a service that they need. They are also greeted by a special, customizable message from the hotel.


Guests Can Capture Presentations on Their Smartphone

The Mobile Directory is for use on a smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Presentations on monitors and TVs in the media source can be downloaded onto a smartphone by scanning the QR code. It combines convenience and functionality with interactive features such as;

Services & Amenities & loyalty/rewards program
Live local weather
Customizable by the media source

Local business savings and discounts
One touch dialing and GPS mapping to local sponsors and

One touch website links to local sponsors and attractions

A System
That Works

Targeted Advertising Presented to a Captured Market Three Ways

The system that we have been describing provides a high return on investment for area sponsors. The nominal effort and cost to the media source makes the decision a firm investment for the 21st century at little -or- no cost to the media source, this is the wave of the future! The area businesses have their ads viewed exclusively by potential customers multiple times, not only in one setting but 3, with the added benefit of bringing the potential customer to their individual website through our QR code scanning feature.

Our Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We have the technical and design knowledge and expertise to do the job right. We also have the vision to bring new products and innovation to the market. As our company grows, we are looking for like-minded individuals who would like to join us in a challenging and rewarding career.









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