The Many Benefits of Digital Signage

WHJ Media installs digital signage monitors in media sources and creates animated ads, presentations and messages that communicate three things:

pertinent information about the Media Sources services,
animated advertising from local dining, entertainment, services, attractions, etc., and
custom greetings from the media source’s management to individual patrons and groups.

The presentations display in three specific areas of the media source:

• on lobby monitors and TVs,
• on Inn-RoomTM TVs, and
on the guest’s smartphones after they scan a QR code.

Why has video and digital signage become so popular in advertising in the last few years? The reason is that it works! Digital Signage can have a very high ROI (Return On Investment).

Check out all of the encouraging research results listed below!

• Digital signage ads have a high frequency of repetition.

• Digital signage ads are compelling because of the color and full-motion graphics.

• Digital signage ads are very flexible, easily customized and aimed at specific target audiences.

• Digital video reaches 70% of the public– higher than Facebook.

• Digital signage is second to the internet as the fastest-growing segment of advertising, at 6% a year.

• Digital signage is the most accepted form of advertising.

• 300% increase of sales when aided by a digital signage promotion.

• 92% of customers feel that Digital Signage Displays are a great idea to communicate to customers in-store.

• 95% of all customers feel that digital signage is perfectly positioned in-store to provide promotions and advertising.

• 65% agreed that it would make them “think more positively” about the advertised product.

• 92% of all customers noticed the Digital Signage Displays in-store.

• 63% of consumers report that digital signage attracts their attention.

• Viewers cannot skip through digital signage ads.

Ad recall and retention in digital signage is better than any other form of traditional advertising.

• Viewers tend to perceive television and radio ads as interruptions.

• Digital signage products provide a unique opportunity to set your business apart from the competition.

The service that WHJ Media provides is free to media sources because area advertisers pay to advertise to your patrons on your monitors, which in turn is another service you can provide to your guests. Call us today to find out how we can get your establishment set up with your free digital signage system!

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